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Europe: Bow Hunt Wild Animals


Prepare for the ultimate hunting challenge with best bow and arrow game ‘Europe: Bow Hunt Wild Animals’. If you got bored with “sniper zombie or WW2” games and need some more sophisticated wild hunting entertainment - download Europe: Bow Hunt Wild Animals! This game will get you to the very best wild hunting grounds in Europe (like Germany, France Spain, Italy, Poland and Norway). It’s absolutely free, gives you plenty of fun and relax while shooting bow and hunting wild animals! Europe: Bow Hunt Wild Animals is a free hunting game you want to play! Master your bow technique, become the master archer. Be a hunter! No crossbow, bazooka or shotgun to shoot - just you and your bow. Animals feel forest as their perfect sanctuary. When someone gets into it they will treat you as a hostile invader. So the sniper should hold his breath and be patient. While hunting bear and wolf be aware, they will become alarmed hearing the sound of arrow and will attack you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast will take no time to kill you and the game will be over. Get the realistic experience - no silly balloon shooting, no fake dinosaur hunting. Bow shooting gives you ultimate experience of an archer, brings you the whole new way of having fun with shooting and hunting in wild european hunting grounds. Tap the screen to stretch the bow and shoot. Enjoy the plenty of levels, beautiful wild 3d european environment, real life wild animals you can hunt only in europe, wind factor and the most realistic bowhunting experience games ever offered. Use your army sniper shooting skills to kill these animals before they attack or run away. Hunt with bow like never before. Become the archery master! Do you have what it takes to become a hunting legend? Start the quest and let’s hunt! ‘Europe: Bow hunt - Wild Animals’ is World's best action based archery game now available for android mobile and tablets in Google Play store. Unleash the Robin Hood inside you!
Beautiful european environment in 3D:FranceGermanySpainNorwayPolandWind and distance variety adds extra difficultyCompetition with your friendsOver 40 immersive hunting missions to completeRealistic archery & bowhunting experienceStunning 3D graphicsUltimate hunting experiencePlenty of different levelsReal life animals (wolf, pigeon, deer, birds)Varied difficulty of the gamePower upsPlaying for Free - no “in-app purchases” (no IAP)High scoreYou can play offline - no internet is neededDifferent arrows and bowsPlenty of fun!
How to play:
Simply tap and hold the screen to stretch the bow and aim. Release when ready to shoot. Be quick! The bow starts shaking when stretched for too long! Remember about the wind factor! The bow reloads arrows automatically, so you can focus on aiming the targets. Remember that you can look around!
There are two types of gameplay:
Time Attack: Get as many hits/points as you can in a limited time.
Archery Mastery: You get only couple of arrows and have to hit all the targets. Precision, focus and skill is required.
You can play offline - no internet is needed
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